Headless Chrome long image capture issue

The problem

Recently I had received complaint about my capture service not export complete image. It seems that this problem only occurs when the page’s is extremely long.

The broken image is like this:


Chromium’s limit

So I Googled for the problem and I found a lot issues on Github that target the same problem. When reading throught this issue, I got the fact that this problem is caused by Chromium’s limit.

Since normal server don’t have a GPU inside, Headless Chrome had to use software renderer, that is, using CPU to calculate the pixels.

Chromium’s compositor has a maximum texture size when using software GL backend, this limit is 16384px. So large image will not be renderer completely.

How to solve it

The solve for this problem is simple. Cut the page into pieces, capture these fragments in order, and composite those pieces into a whole image.

The code below use Puppeteer’s API, it’s fine to replace it with other library like CDP.

await page.setViewport({ width: 1440, height: 1024});
const {contentSize} = await page._client.send('Page.getLayoutMetrics');
const maxScreenshotHeight = 7000;
          if (contentSize.height >= maxScreenshotHeight) {

            let image;
            let lastBuffer;

            for (let ypos = 0; ypos < contentSize.height; ypos += maxScreenshotHeight) {
              const height = Math.min(contentSize.height - ypos, maxScreenshotHeight);
              let buffer = await page.screenshot({
                clip: {
                  x: 0,
                  y: ypos,
                  width: contentSize.width,
              if (ypos === 0) {
                image = sharp(buffer);
                lastBuffer = await image.toBuffer();
              }else {
                image = sharp(lastBuffer);
                image = image.extend({top: 0, bottom: height, left: 0, right: 0})
                image = image.overlayWith(buffer, {top: ypos, left:0})
                lastBuffer = await image.toBuffer();
            fileData = lastBuffer;

I use sharp for image processing, bacause it’s recommended on Github issue.

The magic number here should be around 16000 by default, but I had noticed that the height for each piece should be reduced when the width increased. The width I use for my capture is 1440px, you should start from 16000 and reduce this number if the image exported is still incomplete.


The approach may not be necessary accroding to this Chromium issue.